Friday, July 07, 2006

Josh is 2!!

Today was baby Josh's 2nd I guess my youngest isn't a baby anymore. :) He had a great day! We didn't have a huge party since he is still too young to understand stuff like that. But we spent all day doing what he likes to do!

We went to the park at the community college and fed the ducks and geese.

Then after that Josh got to have a Happy Meal(which is a treat for him as we don't let him have fast food very often), and then we went to the park to play. :)

And of course, he had a cake for his birthday with his favorite TV personalities on it:

He was more interested in playing with The Big Red Car than he was in eating a cupcake though. :) Which, actually, is a good thing. :) The cupcakes were good....but we scraped the frosting off. Wayyyy too much sugar. :)

And, he got some presents!

Josh got a Bob the Builder dvd, the movie Toy Story on dvd, a semi that hauls 5 Hotwheels cars, a tractor that makes noise with farm animal toys, Superman pajamas, and a basketball hoop for in the bathtub; some wonderful books with finger puppets from his grandma Gerri and grandpa Bob; a cup with his name on it, a ball and a little dump truck from his uncle John and Aunt marlene. He looked shocked that everyone was giving him packages with toys in them. By next year, he'll understand better what his birthday is.

This year we didn't throw him a big blow-out birthday party. Next year, I think I'll invite our friends' kids to come over and we'll have a big picnic, music and a pinata, and outdoor games. :) This year, we just had a small family cook-out, and kept things low-key.

My birthday is on the 11th. We're planning to drive up into the mountains to spend the day outdoors! We're going to go see the Nature Park, and then drive to Pisgah National Forest to spend the afternoon. And I want to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie as part of my birthday. :) From what I've seen Davey Jones is pretty creepy looking!!