Monday, July 17, 2006

FO Challenge Update

Well, I am slowly making some headway on my FO challenge. It is getting EXTREMELY hard for me to continue not buying any new yarn, or starting any new projects. But I am DETERMINED to finish everything!

Thank GOD for swaps.....I'd be in total yarn withdrawal if I had to go totally without that new yarn smell. :) God bless all the kind swap partners who have sent me yarn in the past 2 months. I don't know what I would have done without you. :)

Here's the updated list:

UFO List -- All Crafts

Knitted diagonal pillow from Family Circle Easy Knitting - all done!

Cable sweater vest - started months ago. Two fronts done. Back and finishing left to complete. Haven't worked on this yet.

Sequin applique/embroidered Christmas tree skirt -- about half done. Started in 1999 and packed up for a move. Never unpacked. lol. No work on this yet.

Kitten latchhook kit - started 1999. About 1/2 done. Packed up for a move -- never got unpacked. I've done about six rows on this since's hard to work on when the baby is awake. He wants to make off with my rug yarn. :)

Scraps of Beauty crocheted afghan -- started 3 years ago. Color change every two annoying. But very pretty pattern. About 1/3 finished. Will look great on the couch when it's done! No work on this yet. But I did find the pattern, and I located my big container of scrap yarn. It's ready to be worked on. It's the biggest PITA project on this most likely I will hold out until last for it. LOL.

Kitchen swap for C'ville - Sent and received.

Bookmark Swap - Need to make several cute bookmarks for c'ville swap, plus bookmark/book swap group. All bookmarks done. And mailed out.

Baby scrapbook - scrapbook stuff bought, and pictures/baby stuff in box marked "scrapbook''. That's as far as I got. LOL. Gotta get this done before joshua is 27. No work on this yet.

12" square swap - All squares, including several replacement squares, done and mailed.

Items for SP8 - 2 boxes sent so far. One to go.

C'ville SP and Knitting Pal swaps - Last items sent. All done.

Accessories swap - 3 items made and mailed out. All done!

Knitted scarf - in LB wool from Scarf Style pattern book. No work on this yet.

Branching Out scarf from Knitty -- Restarted this using different yarn. I tried using multicolor mohair I had on hand. But the yarn was too fuzzy. Now I'm using peach DK Soft as Silk.

Ankle Socks - pattern from Bernat site.One sock done, one to go. Pretty knitpicks variegated sock yarn. I am in sock withdrawal since this FO project is keeping me from starting any new pairs. So tonight, I am starting on this sock. Sock knitters will understand how hard it is to resist starting new socks.....and not only that, but I just got two hanks of lovely Koigu sock yarn. Resist, Resist, Resist. :) So I gotta get going on this sock to stave off withdrawal and also to solve the SSS problem. :)

So, I am making progress. But alas, I still have a long way to go. Several intricate projects on my UFO list.

The Neverending Land of UFO. Shall I ever escape??? Hopefully next week I can cross out the branching out scarf, and the SSS sock. And despite a desire not to, I shall pull out the dreaded cabled sweater vest and get to work on it.

I know exactly why I didn't finish each and every one of these projects. But....some of them have been sitting around since 1999. It's time to finish them one way or another and move on, rather than let them keep hanging around taking up space in my craftroom.

Anybody else have ancient UFO's hanging around??? Maybe we can motivate each other to get working on them. lol. Everytime I think of working on that scrap afghan I start wondering if I could possibly fake carpal But it's I should finish it.

Maybe I'll finish it, and pay my teenage son to sit and work all the millions of ends in for me. lol. That would be the best $20 I ever spent. :)