Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Crafty Losers group started!

I've started a Yahoo group for fiber arts crafters who are also working to lose weight or improve/maintain their fitness!

The group is located here:


Feel free to join from the main page if you're interested, or send me an email and I'll send you an invitation to join.

Posts about knitting, crochet or any craft are welcome, as is information about fitness, diet, exercise, etc.

Anyone want to make a blog button for the group??

We can make 2006 a great year for fiber arts and fitness! :) Let's have fun and whittle down our buns at the same time! :)

And of course a contest question:

If you don't know about my contest, read more info here: http://julisjots.blogspot.com/2005/12/celebration-contest.html
The prize box is worth more than $100! :)

Today's question is:

What is your favorite Christmas tv special or movie?

Hugs! Juli