Monday, August 29, 2005

It's finally done!!

I finally finished a knitting project I started back in May......I got busy making other things and it sat half finished for months. But now......all done!!! :)

This is my first intarsia project. I saw the pattern on Knitty Gritty and it was a great beginning project to learn how to do color changes. The show episode was called "Intarsia.'' The pattern, chart and instructions/how-to videos, etc are all here.

Here's a photo of the finished bag:

Image hosted by

The only part about the project that I didn't like was weaving in all the ends when I was done.

Image hosted by

Look at all those little ends. Ugh. lol :) And most of the bag is stockinette stitch, so the sides rolled up on me. An iron and a little bit of steam taught the sides some manners so that I could stitch up the side seams.

If this was a bag I was actually intending to use, I would have made the ties at the top from I-cord or something more substantial. But, I'm going to give it to the 6-year old daughter of friends of ours, so I just used 4 strands of yarn knotted at the ends.

For anyone wanting a simple pattern to help learn Intarsia, this is a great pattern. :) The chart is easy to read, and the stitches are all simple.

I am glad to report that I now only have ONE project that has been on my UFO list for awhile.....a homespun scarf. I've finished all my other in-progress projects!! :)) So, as soon as I bind off that scarf, I can start the felted purse I have been putting off, the coin purse to match my booga bag, a mohair shawl I just bought the yarn for, a drop stitch scarf I've been planning in my head for awhile, a hat/scarf set for the baby out of the Family Circle Easy Knits Fall magazine, and a sweater vest that my MIL wants me to make.

Doesn't take me long to plan a whole new list of projects! :)


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Secret Pal Goodies and Recent FO's

My C'Ville Secret Pal sent me the nicest package this week!! Here's a picture of the goodies I got:

Image hosted by

She sent me a skein of Modea Dea Zing in a pretty black sparkly color, two skeins of Knit Picks Simple Stripes sock yarn, one skein of Knit Picks wool in a pretty tan color, and a skein of Chaco wool. Thank you!!!

I finished the double strand Fun Fur scarf I was working on. I used a skein of Lime and a Skein of Fun Fur Prints in Hawaii (varigated green, yellow, orange and pink). I have also started a new scarf using Yarn Bee Pizazz -- Pizazz has one strand of eyelash yarn and a coordinating strand with little tufts of color. You can get it at Hobby Lobby. :) I saw it when we went to Spartanburg, SC about a week ago and just knew I had to make myself a thin scarf from it. I'm knitting the scarf using just plain garter stitch, and really love it so far! :)

Here's a picture of the double strand scarf and the beginnings of the Pizazz scarf:

Image hosted by

I went to the LYS today and got a yarn fix. I bought some pretty variegated mohair and some purple wool to make a shawl. There's a pattern on KnitNet I have been dying to try! But I have two scarves and a drawstring bag to finish.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tied up With Bows Potholder

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This potholder is knitted (or crocheted) flat, and then doubled over to make a nice, thick hotpad. It's a simple pattern that works up fast. Done in holiday colors, it would make a nice addition to a holiday serving table.

**As usual, this pattern is copyrighted by me, and is provided for your personal use and enjoyment only. Feel free to print the pattern for your personal use but please do not copy it to another website, or publish/sell the pattern as your own work, or distribute printed copies. Feel free to post links to this pattern to your website or group. Yadda Yadda. You know the routine.**

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2 skeins 100% Cotton yarn
Sz 8 knitting needles
crochet hook or yarn needle for weaving ends

Cast on 46

R1: (Wrong Side) knit across
R2: (Right Side): knit across
R3: (WS) knit across
R4:(RS) *knit 2,YO, K2Tog*, Repeat * to * to last 6 stitches, knit 2, K2Tog, YO, knit 2 (this row will form 11 holes evenly across)
R5-7: knit across
R8:(RS)Knit 2, YO, K2TOG, knit across to last four stitches, K2TOG, YO, knit 2
Repeat Rows 5-8 13 times
Repeat Row 4 (RS)
Knit next 9 rows
Repeat Row 4 (RS)
Repeat Rows 5-8 13 times
Repeat Row 4
Knit next 3 rows
Bind Off (RS)
Weave in ends.

This is what the potholder looks like at this point.

Image hosted by

Fold the potholder in half with wrong side together, and line up holes for weaving through ties.

For the ties, I just used 3 strands of the cotton I used for the potholder. (You could also use thin I-cord, or ribbon to get a different look.) Cut 12 strands the same length for weaving through holes, leaving about five inches on each side for the bows. Tie The 3 strands together with a small knot. Holding the knotted end, weave the loose ends through the holes at the top of the potholder, starting in the upper left hand corner and ending one hole short of the top right hand corner. (A crochet hook is a great tool to use for weaving the ties through the holes) Tie the loose ends into a knot. Continue with the other 3 sides in the same fashion. After all weaving is done, tie the ends into bows.

Voila! :)

**The crochet version has not yet been pattern tested, and I don't have a photo yet. Pictures will be coming soon....and if you find any errors, please let me know!**


H hook
100% cotton yarn

CH 46

Row 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and across to end, turn, ch 1
Row 2: Hdc across, turn, ch 1 (45 stitches)
Row 3: Hdc in first 2 stitches, ch 1, sk next st, *Hdc in nxt 2 st, ch 1, sk next st, hdc in next 2 st* Repeat across. (15 spaces)
Row 4: Hdc in 2 stitches, ch 1, sk next hdc, hdc across to last 3 st, ch 1 sk next st, hdc in last 2 st, turn, ch 1
Row 5: Hdc across, turn, ch 1
Repeat rows 4-5 until potholder is desired length and there are an uneven number of holes up the side
Repeat Row 3
Hdc across for 2 rows
Finish off and weave in ends

Ties will be made from 3 strands of crochet cotton held together. Cut them long enough so that about 5 inches is left to tie bows. Tie 3 strands together with a small knot, Weave loose ends through holes starting at top left corner and ending in top right hand corner. Tie loose ends together with a small knot. Start next 3-strand tie in the same corner space. Continue in the same manner for remaining sides. Tie ends into bows at all 4 corners.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Simple Fun and Fancy Fur Scarf (Knit or Crochet)

My MIL really loves the red Fun Fur Scarf I made for her. She asked me to make a purple scarf for her best friend, and I thought I'd make it a bit different. I thought a pull through thinner scarf would be pretty -- with the option to either look casual or a little bit dressy.

Here is the finished result.

Image hosted by

Just pulled through at the bottom, the scarf has a nice, loose casual look.

Image hosted by

Double wrapped around the neck and then pulled through gives a dressier look, and also a warmer look for cooler weather.

My 15-year old son was the model -- I had to promise to cut his face out of the photos for him to agree to model a purple fuzzy scarf. lol. :)

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Here is the pattern:

(Disclaimer: This pattern is provided for your personal use and enjoyment only. All patterns on this site are copywrited by Juli Wyant. Please do not post this pattern to other websites, or copy with intent to sell. You are welcome to post links to this page. Any errors or questions about the pattern can be sent to me at )



1 skein Fun Fur, or other fur yarn
sz 11 knitting needles
Crochet hook for working in ends after binding off

Cast on 12 stitches

Row 1: Knit across (repeat row 1 for approximately six inches)

Row 2: Knit 3 stitches, bind off six stitches, knit last 3 stitches

Row 3: Knit 3 stitches, cast on six stitches, knit last 3 stitches

(Rows 2 and 3 will create a hole for pulling through the other end of the scarf)

Row 4: Repeat row 1 until scarf reaches desired length. Bind Off and weave in ends.



1 skein Fun Fur
Size J crochet hook

Ch 13

Row 1: HDC into 2nd ch from hook and HDC across, ch 1, turn (ch 1 counts as first HDC on subsequent rows)

Repeat row one until scarf measures approx six inches

Row 2: ch 1 counts as first HDC, HDC in next 2 stitches, ch 6, sk next 6 HDC, HDC in last 3 HDC, ch 1, turn

Row 3: ch 1 counts as first HDC, HDC across to end of row, ch 1, turn

Repeat row 3 until scarf is desired length. Finish Off and weave in ends.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ok...I really did mean to finish that pile of unfinished knitting projects before I started anything new. But, the new Fun Fur I bought just jumped on my needles by itself. There was nothing I could do but....uh.....knit. Really. It's true. I swear.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)

Image hosted by

The scarf curse seems to have lifted. This one is going together quickly without any problems. I think I just had bad luck with the first one. I took the red scarf to my MIL last night and she just loves it. She wants me to make her a purple one next. :)

I'm using one strand of Lime and one strand of a Fun Fur Prints called Hawaii. I think I'll buy some more of the Hawaii color and try another scarf with one strand of Microspun and the Fur. I'm curious what that will look like. :)

The skein of sock yarn in the photo will be my next pair of socks. But I have to finish up 2 scarves (both about 1/3 done), a handbag (half done), a potholder set that I developed the patterns for, and one sock first. As I get the kitchen patterns done and worked up, I'll post them to the blog. Amazing how much a cute little 13-month old can slow up knitting and crochet design. lol. Sometimes I wish I had four hands. Then I could play blocks and knit at the same time!! :)

By the time my knitting class starts up again at the end of September, I want to have all my unfinished stuff done, plus some new things, so I need to get knittin'. :) I need to start working on a project list for Christmas presents.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Black Cat and the Cursed Scarf

The title sounds a bit like an alternative band, doesn't it?? lol.

I have FINALLY finished the cursed scarf!!!! I have never been so glad to bind something off in my life! :)

I started a scarf in red fun fur for my MIL about two months ago or more. The project has been cursed from the beginning. I had to pull it all out and start over 3 times. Once the baby pulled it off the needles, once one of our cats thought it looked fun to play with and pulled it off the needles, and once I had it in my knitting bag and my point protectors came off. ARGH!!!

But...despite the curse....the scarf is now done. All I have to do is walk half a block to my inlaws and give it to her. Just eagle will probably swoop down and rip it into shreds before my eyes. lol.

Just to prove I did finish it, here's a photo:

Image hosted by

Do you see the two skeins of Fun Fur next to the scarf?? Yes, despite all my problems with the Cursed Scarf, I am going to start another one in those colors for myself. LOL. What can I say?? I'm a glutton for punishment! I'm going to use two strands this time. One skein is Fun Fur Prints in a really pretty mix of green, yellow, pink and orange. And the 2nd skein matches the green in the variegated. :)

On another good furry note, a neighbor adopted the calico stray cat that I blogged about a few days ago. She didn't get along with our other cats, but she loves it over at our neighbor's house. She's now happy and healthy. :) And, we did a kitten rescue a few days ago.

A friend of mine has neighbors who have about 20 cats. They don't feed them or take care of them. A litter of kittens was born about six weeks ago, and the poor kittens were extremely thin and just doing poorly in the 100 degree heat. So, I brought a big shopping bag over to her house, scooped up one of the little kittens and took him home to live with us. My friend is working on adopting out more of them to good homes.

We named our little fur ball Grover. Here he is:

Image hosted by

Isn't he a cutie?? He's gaining weight, and after a bath he's all clean and happy. He's scheduled for a trip to the vet for shots and a physical exam. He's a smart little thing and potty trained in no time at all. And he's already learned that if he hangs out under the high chair at meal time, that he will probably get a goodie or two. :) He's a loveable little thing and loves pats. He gives kitty kisses to anyone who picks him up. I think he's just glad to have a full food and water dish, clean ears and fur, and to not have fleas and worms anymore.

Just a common sense reminder: PLEASE don't have too many pets or even one pet that you can't take care of and provide proper food and veterinary care. And spay/neuter your pets. Consider adopting from an animal shelter if you do want a pet. I am now off my soap box. :)


Sunday, August 07, 2005

First Sock all Done!

I finally finished my first sock! Here's a picture!

Image hosted by

I used larger dpn's this time since I hadn't used them before. When I make my second pair, I'll use size 2 or 3 dpns to get a tighter look.

I used Bernat Sox yarn in lime, and a ankle sock pattern from the Bernat website.

Now to start sock #2. :)

I bought some variegated sock yarn in autumn colors and a set of size 3 needles to make my next pair.

I still have the cursed Fun Fur scarf on my needles, plus a homespun scarf. A polka dot purse is another UFO I have to work on. I want to get all my unfinished stuff done before knitting class starts up again in September. My MIL wants me to make a sweater vest for her, and I want to be able to concentrate on it. That will be my first attempt at cables! :)

Still working on my craft room. I have all my yarn up on shelves. Just need to sort out my pattern books and other supplies. I'll take a picture of the finished room when it's all done and organized.

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